Do’s and Don’ts for new age leaders

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A very interesting article in Forbes dictates what leadership is – it is not a personal factor, it is not authority but a social power, it is a group effort, and most of all leaders do not deal with goals being the end goal but something more significant than that. A leader is someone who […]

Here is why your company needs Inclusive Hiring

Here is why your company needs Inclusive Hiring

Inclusiveness is a blanket to give your business. It gives an organization the power to employ individuals from a diverse background expanding the horizons with diverse ideas, motives and message. In this blog, we get down to understanding why organizations truly need the blanket. It helps your business; the up-and-coming knights of the industry understand […]

Five ways effective leadership is needed for an organization

It can be difficult to bring change into an organization. People can occasionally be reluctant to embrace change and may advocate for preserving the status quo. Even in challenging circumstances, a competent leader can contribute to making change feasible. Supporting change in a company and making the transition as seamless as possible helps to grasp […]

What is RPO and why your organization might need RPO?

More and more organisations are searching for better, more effective ways to hire talent without having to create an internal army of recruiters as competition for the finest personnel intensifies.    An easy way to get just that is – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a highly successful recruitment strategy that has been embraced with success by […]

How to select the right recruitment agency for your organization? 

You know that feeling when you are window shopping, and everything on the display just seems to be screaming, ‘pick me, pick me. That is basically every employee signaling at every employer. Sometimes you like their face, but their credentials don’t suit you, sometimes you like their experience but their attitude does not seem to […]

Outsourcing your HR Services as a Start-Up: Why? 

The benefits of outsourcing HR Services when you are a Start-Up   Human Resources is the powerhouse that keeps the business wheel turning. When individuals in the industry talk about capital, human capital is the most important. And, to manage the human capital, you need a smooth functioning system that covers the spectrum from seeking employees […]